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 Tough Call

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PostSubject: Tough Call   Sat Dec 04, 2010 3:21 pm

Alright, so I'm officially back from helping my friend and her family issue. Though the problem itself hasn't been resolved, I've finally been relieved of my duty which was helping her run away and keeping her hidden from her mom who actually hired people to track her down. (That. Crap. Was. Hard.) Sooo.. she's in hiding and a friend of my brother is taking over from there. Now I get to play games again and all that good stuff.

But now, Christmas is around the corner and I only have about $3 to my name.. From this point on, I'll be job searching and all that boring crap. With that said, although I can now come back to Mabi, I'm not particularly sure how active I'll be from now on considering I really wanna try getting back into a MMO I played years ago which is having an overhaul later this month. I don't think I'm quitting Mabi (not like I'm going to uninstall or anything like that), but I just won't be on much. I'll probably stalk the forums though, just to make Pudding suffer for my dungeon-interview-deathfest until she eventually strangles Mango for causing it. *w* If I ever DO log in from this point on, though, I expect to get a good deal of work done each time. ("Good deal of work" = At least 3 days of logging in.)

Guess that's it for now.

Oh, and I'll still be working on my story. Maybe a bit slower than I hoped, but still. x-x If anyone has MSN, add me!
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Tough Call
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