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 Time to get Ready for High School :(

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PostSubject: Time to get Ready for High School :(   Mon Nov 08, 2010 5:24 pm

Well guys, as you've noticed, I haven't been on Mabinogi for sometime. Well I was signed for this program at my school called the "International Baccalaureate(Don't worry, I don't even know how to pronouce it o.0)". Its a program in High school that is higher than AP classes. I was forced to be in it by my mom AND the school. Well I have questionnaires to feel out than I have to write about 2 essays THEN I have to have an interview. I should only be gone for about a week, or maybe a little over but I might pop into the game out of no where but only be on for like 15 minutes(I sneak on....can't use my laptop until all of this is finished -.-)So...yea...and I can't wait to get to play more.

EDIT: I also have basketball practices and games that feel up my schedule all week -.-
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Time to get Ready for High School :(
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